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LG Philips notebook display LG Philips LP171WX2 Notebook Display
17 WXGA+ 1440 x 900 LCD screen

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  LP171WX2 LCD screen
Summary / Description:
Brand: LG Philips
Screen: LP171WX2 Laptop Screen
Size: 17"
Resolution: (1440 x 900) WXGA+
Backlight: 1 CCFL
Surface: either
Aspect Ratio: Wide (16:10)

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Advice on purchasing replacement displays for notebooks:

Diagnosis / Recommendations
Do I need a new display? Perhaps. Is it:

Cracked? A cracked display cannot be repaired and requires the purchase of a new display.

Dim / Black? A dim display is either the result of 1) a faulty inverter which is a separate piece from the display or 2) a burned out backlight which is part of the display. In the majority of instances, the inverter is the cause of the problem and not the backlight as most people tend to assume and therefore does not require the purchase of a display.

Lines? A display with lines may be caused by either 1) the video card or 2) the display. In the majority of instances, the display is the cause for lines and therefore requires the purchase of a display.

Returns / Warranty

Removal & Installation

Returns & Exchanges: In event that you need to exchange your new display (unlikely event that faulty or wrong display shipped), please contact us as soon as possible so that we can ship you a new one right away and provide you with a return shipping label.

Warranty: Our standard warranty period is 120 days for manufacturer defects. We also provide a 1-year warranty for a fee equal to 25% of the display price.
Use our general removal & installation instructions for your new display. Additionally, if you do not know the part number for your display, please use these instructions to remove the display to find the part number. Ordering by part number is the best way to ensure you receive the exact screen you need.
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