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How Do I Replace My Notebook Display?
Step-by-step instructions for most notebooks:

Generally, replacing your notebook display is rather simple. These steps cover the process of removing the screen; once removed, follow the same steps in reverse to install your brand-new display.

Preparation: Before doing any type of repair on your notebook, YOU MUST turn the laptop off, unplug its power source, and remove the battery. Also, you will need these tools:

  • 1 small screw driver (phillips head)
  • 1 sharp object (like a razor)

Step 1: Bezel Screws & Covers

Most notebooks have plastic or rubber screw covers. Remove the screw covers with a sharp object. Remove the screws beneath the screw covers.

Step 2: Remove Plastic Bezel

Use your fingers to get between the plastic bezel and the display. Start with one corner or side, and gently work around the perimeter of the display. If at any point the bezel won't budge, inspect carefully for hidden screws.

Diagram 1: What It Looks Like

This is what your notebook looks like with the bezel removed. The display, inverter and possibly more screws are now visible.

Step 3: Back Bezel Screws

If you notebooks has screws securing the display to the rear shell, remove them. Then you can move on to the brackets holding the screen in place.

(another angle)

While removing your display, be careful to keep the screws in a safe place, and to note which screws go where.

Step 4: Framing Brackets

The next step is to remove the screws from the brackets that hold the display in place. There should be at least two on each side of the display.

(another angle)

Once the display is free of the framing brackets, you can usually then lay it flat onto the laptop keyboard.

Diagram 2: What It Looks Like

This image shows the notebook free from the back bezel and the brackets. Now the video cable and the inverter are both visible.

Step 5: Video / Data Cable

Next, remove the video cable from the back of the display. Remove any tape that may be securing the video cable in place. There may also be tape toward the bottom of the display holding the video cable in place.

Step 6: Inverter

Next, remove the inverter plug from the inverter board. The inverter plug simply pulls out from the inverter board. Some may require that you use needle-nose pliers to remove the plug. This will free the display from the notebook.

Diagram 3: What It Looks Like


This image shows the display completely removed from the notebook. You can see the inverter and video cable are disconnected from the display. Now you can begin installing the new display. Follow these directions in reverse to properly install the new display.

Ordering Tip: Save time & money by ordering with the display-maker's part number.

It's actually a very good idea to remove the notebook display before you order the new one, so that you can find the part number from the notebook-display factory.

You can find displays online by searching for the notebook, and you can find them by searching for the part number added by the notebook maker (i.e. the HP or Sony part number), but to be sure you get the exact same screen, it's best to use the part number from the display manufacturer, not the notebook manufacturer.

As you may see, in this case the screen manufacturer is Samsung, and the part number is LTN141X8-L04. By finding, and ordering by, this kind of part number, you can often save time, save money, and avoid receiving the wrong screen by mistake.


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