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Rules for LCDScreen.com Operations:

  1. Warranty
  2. Payment
  3. Shipping
  4. Returns
  5. Compatibility
  6. Other Policies



1. Warranty

Standard Warranty

Notebook displays purchased from LCDScreen.com have a standard one hundred twenty (120) day warranty. The standard warranty protects against manufacturer defects.

Extended Warranty

At the time of purchase of a notebook display, LCDScreen.com customers have the option of purchasing a warranty extending the Standard Warranty coverage for an additional one (1) year. The fee for the extended warranty is 25% of the notebook display price.

The commencement date for both the Standard Warranty and the Extended Warranty is the date of purchase. Starting from this date, the Standard Warranty expires on the one-hundred-twenty-first (121st) day, and the Extended Warranty expires on the four-hundred-eighty-sixth (486th) day.

2. Payment

LCDScreen.com accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa, Wire Transfers, CODs (U.S. only), U.S. checks, and U.S. money orders. Residents of Florida that do not intend to resell the notebook display will be subject to sales tax of 7.25% of the purchase price.

If we have received payment and have not been able to process an order within ten (10) business days, we will automatically issue a refund.

Credit Card Fraud:

We take credit card fraud very seriously. For the protection of card holders and ourselves, orders that appear fraudulent may be held for manual review. If necessary, a representative will call you to verify the order. If we are unable to contact you within a reasonable period of time, the order may be canceled. Manual review may delay the shipment and delivery of your order. We reserve the right to cancel any order before it is shipped.

3. Shipping

LCDScreen.com offers various shipping options. For pricing details see our full shipping options chart.

Items are typically shipped the same day, if purchased before 3:30 pm (central) for domestic (U.S.) orders and by 2:00 pm CST for International orders. Notebook displays purchased on weekends, holidays or any time after the times above, will be shipped the following business day.

Once the purchase is shipped the customer will receive an invoice and tracking number via Email.

4. Returns

LCDScreen will exchange the screen and send it back by the same shipping method the buyer originally ordered with. i.e., if the buyer selected ground shipping on the original order, LCD Screen will ship the screen back via ground shipping unless the buyer indicates, and purchases a different shipping method.

If the customer experience a DOA or manufacturer defect within their respective warranty period, the customer must contact LCDScreen.com via Email prior to the expiry of the customer's respective warranty. Once contacted, LCDScreen.com will issue the customer a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number. The customer then has seven (7) calendar days to ship the notebook display in question

LCDScreen.com customers are responsible for the return shipping fees unless otherwise stated by an LCDScreen.com sales associate. If the customer decides to return the notebook display for reasons other than those covered by the standard and extended warranties, the customer may be subject to a 25% restocking fee ( 25% of the screen purchase price) . If the customer's original screen is dim and the customer purchases a replacement screen that does not resolve the issue, the customer may be subject to the restock fee of 25% of the screen purchase price if the screen is returned to LCDScreen.com. All returns must be the exact notebook display purchased and must include all original manufacturer and serial number labeling.

Should a customer experience receiving the wrong display, the customer may request an RMA number within 7 days of receipt of the display.Advanced replacements for RMAs are only available if the customer agrees to pay for the replacement, which would be refunded once the RMA panel is received. The customer must return the display in its original condition.

All shipments from LCDScreen.com have a film covering the screen. This protective film is used to prevent scratches. Customers are asked not to remove this film until the display is installed and confirmed in working order. If a display is returned to LCDScreen.com with scratches, the customer may be charged a $25 fee.

    Please choose a shipping package:
    • One way return shipping $14
    • Two way exchange shipping (2-3 day) $25
    • Two way exchange shipping (Overnight) $50

5. Compatibility

Notebook manufacturers use various notebook displays for the same notebook model. This policy ensures the notebook manufacturers better notebook display pricing and availability from the screen manufacturers. Therefore, many notebook displays are compatible with each other.

In order for LCD Screen to provide the lowest prices, we purchase select notebook displays in large volume which are compatible to other notebook displays. The notebook display we will ship you may or may not be the exact one you ordered, but if it is not the exact one it will be 100% compatible at no risk to you. Please contact us should you have any questions whatsoever at +1 (888) 914-8917, sales@lcdscreen.com or via Live Chat above.

6. Other Policies

Dead Pixels

A dead pixel is a defective sub-pixel within the lcd screen. Often times they show up as red, white, green or blue dots on a the screen that don't change color. Industry standards allow two (2) dead pixels on a display. If three (3) or more appear on the screen while under the standard or extended warranty period, LCDscreen.com will replace the screen.


LCDScreen.com may not send customers the exact screen ordered. However, LCDScreen.com will send a screen that is 100% compatible to the screen ordered. Notebook makers may use many different screens when manufacturing notebooks. One notebook may have a Chi Mei screen in it and another notebook of the same model may have a Chunghwa screen in it. There is no difference between the two screens other than who manufactured it. The screens are compatible and will function the exact same.